I have an MSI K7T Pro motherboard and a Duron 600MHz and all video cards I've tried (ATI Radeon 32MB DDR ATI Rage Fury, 3D Prophet II GeForce2 MX, Leadtek GeForce2 256) mess up before loading Windows, while I'm in Windows, or while I'm playing a game. The ATI Radeon is fine in Windows but freezes up as soon as I start playing a game (about five seconds after I start). The ATI Rage Fury gives me a Windows protection error when Windows begins to load after I load any version of the drivers. Both the GeForce2 MX and the GeForce2 256 either freeze up while I'm doing practically anything in Windows or if I play a game as soon as Windows loads (if I wait too long, it'll freeze, heh). I've downloaded the latest version of the AGP drivers for the motherboard and I still have these problems. Could flashing the BIOS solve any of these problems? I'm using version 1.3 and the current version is 1.6.. If I need to flash the BIOS, is there any way to flash it without using a floppy? My floppy drive isn't working with this motherboard for some reason.