AGP and PCI 2 PCI bridge. The RESOURCE CLASH you have when you're not having a clash?
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Thread: AGP and PCI 2 PCI bridge. The RESOURCE CLASH you have when you're not having a clash?

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    AGP and PCI 2 PCI bridge. The RESOURCE CLASH you have when you're not having a clash?

    I'm running Win95 OSR2.1 and when I tried an APG video card for the first time a few weeks ago I noticed something a little strange. The card appeared to function fine but when I took a close look at its properties in "device manager" I noticed that when I clicked the "resources tab" it informed me that this device had a memory conflict with my "standard PCI to PCI bridge". So I crossed checked the standard PCI to PCI bridge's settings (under system devices in device manager) and sure enough it also reported a memory conflict with the Display card. Further, I could see that the memory locations that these two devices used did in fact over lap with each other.

    A few thing struck me as being strange though:

    1. That the device seemed to function perfectly anyway. Moreover, if I manually changed either of the devices addresses so that there was no conflict then the AGP card ceased to function.

    2. The device manager did not flag up this conflict with a yellow mark the way it normally does. A cursory look at device manager indicated no problems at all. It was only after examining the properties of the AGP card down to the "resources" tab that the error message appeared (in the little "conflicting devices list" window).

    3. Prior to the installation of the APG card the memory resources used by the "standard PCI to PCI bridge" did not overlap with those (eventually) used by the AGP card once installed. Only after installing the APG card did the memory resource used by the "std PCI to PCI bridge" grow to overlap with the AGP cards memory resources.

    All up these peculiarities made me think that this resource conflict was in fact "meant to be" and that it was the error message that was really in error. This seemed to be confirmed today when I took a look at one of my friends computers. He is running Win98 and just like me his AGP video card and his "standard PCI to PCI bridge" have overlapping memory resources. Only difference is that Win98 does not report it as a conflict in the "conflicting devices list".

    Can anyone confirm that it is normal for the AGP card and the "standard PCI to PCI bridge" (see system devices) to have overlapping memory resources, and further, that Win95 erroneously reports this as a conflict.

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    sounds possible that they might need to overlap (that would be a wild guess, of course)
    Impossible? Watch me.

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    Yes its normal to have this.
    Its a problem with Win95, but will not cause any problems.
    You will get this with any AGP card and Win95.
    Win98 does not have this problem.

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    That's actually how an AGP card works. It's supposed to do that. Newer OSs take it into account and don't even notice.

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    Thanks all, Yeah I thought that everything was really all right.

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