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Thread: That makes no sense!

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    That makes no sense!

    why is it that i was playing a game (final fantasy seven) and it was running slow on my computer. (a amd 300) when the minimum requirments were a 100 with 3d card or 133 without. it my card really that bad? then i was at my uncles he has a 233 but with a nicer video card (but not great) and the game was running faster but the graphics werent as good? shouldnt that be the other way around?
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    Never trust the mininum requirement on any game. Go get yourself a voodoo3 and you'll be fine.

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    Think about what you said: the game was running faster but the graphics werent as good. He has selected video options (resolution, color depth, etc.) that are simpler in order to get a higher frame rate. You should try to do the same. The minimum requirements listed on the box are just that minimum.

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    Free advice, and worth every penny.

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    Exactly...Cranking up the graphics will definately slow your game down, big time. But, through the purchase of a beter video card, you can achieve high quality graphics and a fast frame rate.
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    right. flight simulator 98 runs on my pentium 200, but not at highest resolutions. when I put in the voodoo2 and go to full screen, it runs FAST. on my athlon 700 it flies at any settings .
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    I have FF7 and had speed trouble with it. I used to run an el-cheapo sound card. I upgraded my sound card and it made a hell of a difference in the game. Now this doesn't seem like it makes any sense but it worked just fine for me. I have much better sound quality as well.
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