LCD won't shut off in Win200 Pro, can anyone help please?! =o)
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Thread: LCD won't shut off in Win200 Pro, can anyone help please?! =o)

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    LCD won't shut off in Win200 Pro, can anyone help please?! =o)

    HI everyone!!

    I hope someone can help me with this problem - I have an IBM Thinkpad 240 (21U) that was just upgraded to Windows 2000 Pro ... now the LCD screen won't shut off! That is ... in the "Power Options Properties" setting window, the Power Scheme I have on is "Portable/Laptop" - and in that scheme, I set the settings so that the monitor should shut off after 3 minutes when plugged in. However, even after leaving my computer for over 3 mintues (without doing anything on it) - it doesn't shut off!

    I think that this could be because I'm downloading files at the same time in the background - so Windows 2000 Pro considers that to be system activity, and refuses to shut off the monitor, even if I don't touch the keyboard or mouse??? Does anyone know how I can fix this problem, or if there is some way I can force the LCD screen to shut itself off, even if the computer is "doing stuff" in the background?

    Thanks for any help anyone can give me!!

    - M

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    Look and see if you have APM checked.
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    Windows 2000 Pro doesn't give me the option to enable APM, but I do have ACPI installed - I'm thinking ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) is newer than APM ...

    - M

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