Got my Voodoo-2 2000 PCI to 183MHz !!!!!!!!
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Thread: Got my Voodoo-2 2000 PCI to 183MHz !!!!!!!!

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    Jul 2000
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    Got my Voodoo-2 2000 PCI to 183MHz !!!!!!!!

    My voodoo-3 2000 pci is happly running
    at 183mhz. I have played Nascar Heat, Rainbow Six covert ops, and Hitman demo,
    all with no crashes. What is funny though
    is when I benchmark the card under Nascar heat, nomatter what speed or res the card is running at, I always get 22.1fps
    Next Im going for 200MHz. If the card goes
    I lost a card, but at least it won't be a 350$ video card I lost.

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    Jul 2000
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    I don't think it'll go that high. I have a SS7 HS/fan on the GPU, and I have cut apart a 1" tall PII HS and put one on each memory modle. I have a hole in the bottom of my case with a fan mounted over it. The fan is supporting the weight and cooling memory heatsinks. I can't get it a single MHz over 185 stably. I can run windows at 195, but what good is that? I can do everything at 185 though.

    Overclocking is like supercharging. It's not necessary, but it sure is fun to have the fastest in town!!
    Opteron 148@2805(255x11-1.4v)
    Stock cooling(until I get a water block)
    Asrock 939Dual-SATAII
    1GB PC3200 OCZ Gold EL(2-2-2-8-2 1T 5:6 Divider)
    Sapphire X800GTO2(520/580 - Unlocked 16 Pipes)
    Antec TruePower 550 vmodded
    2x Western Digital WD-1200JS(RAID0)
    Lite-ON 1633S DVDRW
    Gentoo 2.6.14-nitro2

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    Don't worry about losing your card, it won't happen. Have you removed the heatsink yet or just added a fan? They are glued on there for horrible thermal transfer so if you can get it off and put it back on with a nice thin coat of thermal paste, maybe some lapping, that should do ya nicely be careful tho... i killed my voodoo5 removing sinks
    Yeah... bout' the only thing you wouldn't want to overclock, would be your clock...
    Unless you just want to be early all the time..

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    only 183Mhz, I got mine to 190 in games (although it did take a hefty bit of cooling). The main bar on high Mhz on the 2000 is the RAM type, I was lucky enough to have some pretty decent RAM.
    Still, 183Mhz isn't a bad OC, well done

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