Windows ME and Detenator 3
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Thread: Windows ME and Detenator 3

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    Windows ME and Detenator 3

    Okay, here's my problem, and perhaps someone out there has been having the same problem, and has found the cause. Normally, everything works wonderfully, shutdown fine, no instability, perfect. But, whenever I run a Direct3D game, not sure if the same happens under OpenGL, but when using Direct3D software with Detenator 3 on a TNT2 M64, on reboot, or shutdown, I get a Windows Protection Fault, one of those lovely blue screens, and have to reboot the computer in order to shut down. Any clue as to what's causing this?

    Oh, other stats about the machine, Dimension 4100, running Windows ME final, 128 Megs of ram, a 815 chipset board with a Soundblaster Live. Most recent Bios update, as of last month. If anyone has any info, let me know either here, or E-Mail me at

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    Sorry to say and don't shoot me for it but...

    Get rid of WinME and install WIN98SE

    Fast, Faster, WooHoO!!!

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    That is a known problem with Windows ME and NVIDIA cards. Here is the current thread:

    I am hoping that one of the companies comes out with a fix soon.

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    Mine used to do that...It doesnt anymore though. Not sure what i did...i am running Nvidia 6.31 drivers and the latest Via drivers for me motherbord and ive set the agp bus to 2x instead of 4x and turned fast writes off...worked for me.

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