Need a little help here.....
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Thread: Need a little help here.....

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    Need a little help here.....

    i just installed a voodoo 3 3000 pci on my 667mhz computer and am wondering how to check speed and specs? is overclocking bad for either? my relative told me it is.

    check back later for more questions.

    I know a lot, so I hope you know more.
    I know a lot, so I hope you know more.

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    go to and download 3dmark 2000, there you can test your video card and then compare it to others with the same card. Overclcking can be bad but can also be good. If you know what you're doing then fine go for it but if not try and stay away or learn more about it first. Just ne question, why did you get such a wimpy video card? Especially with that fast of a cpu?

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