I'd like to lige my G-forcs MX BUT:
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Thread: I'd like to lige my G-forcs MX BUT:

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    I'd like to lige my G-forcs MX BUT:

    I have just purchased a gfmx (Prophet2 MX).
    This is the buggiest card I've used to date. Ive had most all fo the "hot" cards going back to the Voodo1. The progression is: Voodo1 with Diamond 3-D 2000, tnt-1 with dual Voodoo-2'S, Rage 2 Fury, Matrox G-200, TnT-2 ultra, Voodoo 3 3000, Matrox G-400 Max. And now this G-Force 2 MX. Of all the cards I've used I have found the Voodoo's and the Matrox cards to be the best as far as stability goes, and also for best installation. This g force is a real nightmare. I will say that it is very fast when it works. It does well in Q-III. But has very frustrating freeze ups when I'm runnung cad programs. The G-400 Max was fin in Q-III @1024x768 w/most eye candy. It ceartainly hads much better MPEG and tv display. With the Matrox cards and voodoo-III I never had any freeze ups ever!!!

    P-III 500e @700
    192 mb pc-133
    SOYO BX chipset MOBO 6ba-IV or some such
    SB Live value
    Any of the above vid cards
    Creative DVD w/PC DVD Dxr-2 decoder
    20" Compaq Q-vision 200

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    did you clear out all the old drivers of your old video card before you installed the new one? it sounds like a driver problem to me.

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