Bloody GF2+P3V4X!!
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Thread: Bloody GF2+P3V4X!!

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    Bloody GF2+P3V4X!!

    Hi, Im having a big problem getting my GF2 to work. Its fine in normal windows 2d stuff, but whenever i try to run anything 3d i usually get a blue screen error and the pc hangs...this is bloody annoying having paid 215 quid for it! If anyone knows anything that might help, i would be very grateful
    I am running the Nvidia 5.32 reference drivers...(i have tried several versions with no success) Strangely my old Diamond Viper TNT2 is fine; Do you think i have a duff card, or is it incompatible with my motherboard or what?

    My System:
    P3 500e (golden orb)
    Asus P3V4X Bios rev.1003
    CL Geforce 2 GTS
    CL SB Live! Platinum
    Netgear FA310TX
    CL Modem 56K
    300Watt Enlight PSU
    P3 500@667Mhz, P3V4X, 128Mb SD133, Geforce 2, SB Live! Platinum, Belinea 21" DTNF

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    Try this site, I dont know whats wrong, but maybe this site can help ya.

    Good Luck and tell us what the problem was when you get it to work.

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