Can't change display resolution with Voodoo3 2000
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Thread: Can't change display resolution with Voodoo3 2000

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    Can't change display resolution with Voodoo3 2000

    I just recently installed a Voodoo3 200 PCI card, along with all the drivers and Directx 7.0. However, I am now unable to change my resolution from 640X480 to anything else. I am working in Windows 95 and the Display Area tab won't even move over to another resolution. I was wondering if someone else has had the same problem or simply knew what was going on.

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    Well I'm a bit confident that this will help. Try to change your monitor drivers to something else. its probably using teh standard monitor drivers. Change it to standard monitor 1200x1600 or sumthin

    if this doesn't help..... get the new drivers for the v3 and the monitor

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    After replacing motherboard I had same thing happen.Plus everything is in 16 color(not bit). I loaded video card drivers or monitor drivers... did not help; Reformating didn't help. If I find anything on it I'll post it.

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    Try this. Replace V3 with a simple 4mb or 8mb card. Then install card drivers. Then install actual monitor drivers (disk or internet or windows). Make sure know exactly which monitor are you using. After the monitor has been properly installed, replace the simple card with V3 and install V3.
    Tell me if it works.
    M. Pervaiz

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    Go to and download the beta drivers.
    I had the same problem when I had my Voodoo and this fixed it.
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    Make sure that your monitor is set to plug and play.

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