3D Prophet (Geforce SDR) problems in Q3
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Thread: 3D Prophet (Geforce SDR) problems in Q3

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    3D Prophet (Geforce SDR) problems in Q3

    Just yesterday I replaced my Voodoo 3 2000 AGP with a Hercules 3D Prophet (the original GeForce SDR version). All my games run as good or better than with the voodoo 3 and the tv-output is superb for viewing all my DivXs and mpegs. BUT here's the problem, I installed Quake 3 to see how good the performance would be with my new card. I set the detail settings to their absolute max (in 1024x768 res) and timedemo'ed demo001. My jaw dropped to the floor as I saw how smooth everything was, but then that joy turned to dismay as, about halfway though the demo, my pc suddenly froze and the screened showed a yellow-orange striped pattern. Undeterred, I installed the latest 4in1 drivers from via and tried playing the game (instead of running the demo). Same story, after about a minute or two, the pc froze with the same eerie yellow-orange pattern. This doesn't happen with any other game I have (UT, Tribes, MCM2, etc.). I'm not a big Quake 3 fan, so if this never get resolved in won't be too big of a loss, but if I can fix it, I can go back to enjoying Weapons Factory.

    Detonator 3 drivers:
    NOT overclocked (yet)
    Go here for my system specs: http://home.maine.rr.com/gamelord/newpc.htm
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    If you haven't read it yet there is a war & peace sized unofficial FAQ on all things Geforce. You have a first generation Geforce which requires full power from the AGP slot which some motherboards don't continueously.

    If you can set the VIO volts in the bios to 3.5v and check the FAQ to see if your mobo is on the black list. You might have stability problems running in AGP 2x so set it to 1x to see.

    Get the latest Q3 patch if you haven't and try dissabling, moving or removing your sound card as these can cause problems.

    An extra fan on the GPU is a good idea on the .22 micron Geforce and leave PCI slot 1 empty.

    You may need a PSU upgrade what is the rating, it's not in your specs.

    Post back if you get no joy

    Geforce FAQ

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    As you can see from my specs, my mobo is based on the via MVP3 chipset. I never had any voltage problems with my voodoo 3 (unlike a couple of my friends with older celeron systems). But I'm starting to believe that my problems are voltage related. As far as I can tell, Direct3D games don't crash, but Quake 3 OpenGL (I haven't tried Tribes OpenGL much yet) has problems. Also, when I turn on Anti-aliasing, MCM 2 crashes after a minute or two. I'm not sure what wattage my PS is (it doesn't say), but I think its 250w (that's what the ad said).

    Finally, i should try to hook up the card's fan to a motherboard connection.
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