ASUS V7100 Problems
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Thread: ASUS V7100 Problems

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    ASUS V7100 Problems

    Hi guys plz help me!!!

    I just bought a V7100 Geforce 2 MX Video Card and I can't get it to work ...
    I put the card in and installed drivers... windows won't load... the HD will work for some time and then stop completely.
    I tried CD drivers, Asus updated drivers and Detonator 6.26
    I did a clean install of windows 98 ... nothing ... then ME .. still the same

    My specs: PII-400, Asus V7100 Pure, Intel 440 BX, 128 PC-100 SDRAM, 8 GB WD, 2 Network Cards, SB PCI 128

    Plz help, I will bring this card back tomorow so this night I'm waiting for replies.
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    Firstly write down clearly ALL your bios settings, It shouldn't be PSU releated but make sure it is up to the job, I'd say at lesat a 235watt but better to have a 250watt. Try removing all PCI cards and unplugging everything you don't need to get it to run ie you only need 1 HDD and the v7100, to see if there is a hardware conflict.

    You can try setting "video bios shadowed" to dissabled in the bios. If none of that works try clearing the bios with the mobo jumper (also unplug the ATX connecter and plug it back in again, and take the lithium battery out and put it back in again).

    This will clear all bios settings so make sure you go into the bios on first boot up and put it all back to your settings you wrote down clearly before. You should have set "initiate AGP graphics first" before anyway but do this if not.

    Can't think of anything else, try all that and also make sure you have the AGP divider to 2/3 in the bios.

    Post back here with what happens.

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