Geforce DDR + K7 700 or 850 = no difference?
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Thread: Geforce DDR + K7 700 or 850 = no difference?

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    Geforce DDR + K7 700 or 850 = no difference?

    I just overclocked my Athlon 700 to 850 with a GFD (no fsb clocking).

    Then I benched Q3A. 1024x768x32bit, everything at max. Before: 55,2fps. After: 55,7fps.

    Hello? Is my card such a HUGE bottleneck here? Or what? Could it be my power supply (250W) that can't juice up the system?

    3DMark2000 gives the same results, from 4650 to 4700 (approx.!)

    A rebuild of Phobos Moon in UnrealEd drops from 1.16mins to 56sec though!

    What's wrong?

    Asus K7V
    Athlon 700@850 (Athlon Liberator 2)
    256MB cheap-*** PC-100 mem
    250W Seventeam power supply
    Asus V6800 Geforce DDR, detonator 6.18

    Running on Windows ME


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    What you've proved is that basically the CPU is doing all it needs to at 700mhz fast as is required. Try Overclocking the memory on your graphics as that is where the bottleneck is.

    Faster CPU's than say 800mhz aren't really going to help much, (in real life gaming),without better mobo chipsets, system ram and HDD's To be honest I see very little difference In games from 700mhz to 988mhz
    I'm surprised your 3D mark didn't go up though as that benchmark tends to favour faster CPU's

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