I'm having some trouble with this card I just borrowed. Everything is working and I can play all of my games, but the refresh rate is changing all the time and some resolutions aren't supported.
If I start Moto Racer (1 or 2), the screen gets black and I get a message that says "No standard, yadayada x yadayada, 103Hz"

103 Hz seems a little too much, doesn't it?

And I can't run nesticle at 320 x 240. It just says "320 x 240, not supported".

Is this normal? Or is it because I have an AMD CPU, a VIA chipset and an Intel grapchics card (doesn't look like a good combination).

I have the latest drivers for the card, the latest VIA 4in1 patches and I updated DirectX just a couple of days ago.