agp/vid card/mobo question
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Thread: agp/vid card/mobo question

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    agp/vid card/mobo question

    My question is can i run into any problems running an annihilator 2 at 1x or 2x agp? I ask this because i have an aopen AX6BC motherboard and im pretty sure it supports agp 1/2x would a bios flash upgrade it or allow me to change it manually? If the vid card will run fine with no problems at 1x agp i'll just do that instead. thanks
    Also, im movin from a celeron 400 to a pIII 700 and have 192 (pc 100) meg ram


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    Yes it will work fine with agp 1x/2x/4x.

    if it says 4x that means that is the highest it goes. not the minimal spec

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    The AX6BC is based on the i440BX chipset so it supports AGP 1X/2X. Your GF2 will default at AGP2X and should work fine but I'm not quite sure if you can manually change that to 1X in the bios. It would also be good if you flash to the latest bios from AOpen to get CuMine support since you'll be upgrading to a 700. Make sure that your board revision supports 1.65vcore since the AX6BC doesn't have an option to manually change that.

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