How good is the Samsung Syncmaster 15"
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Thread: How good is the Samsung Syncmaster 15"

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    How good is the Samsung Syncmaster 15"

    How good is the Samsung Syncmaster 15". Is it worth paying more for the 17" since I'm only going to use my computer once in awhile?

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    Unless you only plan to use that computer for a few minutes at a time, then the 17" is definitely worth it!

    The price differential isn't that great now between a 15 and a 17... unless physical space is at a definite premium and you aren't going to use this box but for very short periods of time, there really is no excuse for getting anything other than the 17".

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    Samsung monitors hold up very well! Take Balonyflaps advice and get the 17".
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    I have a 17" Samsung Synmaster 750s and I think it is bloody amazing! It's only cost me 150 and it has a dot pitch of .24! Not many monitors can say that! I luv my monitor and I am the envy of most of my other 17" and 15" friends because it has a huge viewable area and is really flat. Almost a trinitron!
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    I have a 15" Samtron (made by Samsung) and it's extremely flat. Everyone comments when they see it for the first time.:-)

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