Problematic Fan Unit on Diamond Viper 770 Ultra
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Thread: Problematic Fan Unit on Diamond Viper 770 Ultra

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    Problematic Fan Unit on Diamond Viper 770 Ultra

    Hello All:

    I have a Dell Dimension XPS T500. Within the past year, the video card has had to be replaced three times because the cooling fan would vibrate making this "whirring" sound. Has anybody ever had this problem? To remedy this situation, Dell has offered to replace it with a different manufacturer's card. It is a Celestica NV10+ 32mb card. Does anybody know of this brand? Attached, you will find their response concerning this issue. What are your opinions? Also, whenever I received the replacements parts, they had refurbished sticker on them. Is is it customary for Dell to do this?

    "The video card I am sending is a Celestica NV10+ 32mb card. It is the 4x AGP version of the card you currently have. Your system doesn't support 4x AGP, but this will not
    hurt anything. The drivers are still from Nvidia, and you still get support for the same wrappers and such that your current card has. This card has support for higher refresh rates, but your monitor may not, so be careful when selecting a refresh rate of higher than 85 hz."

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    I deal with DEll almost every day at work,(we have 300 Dell PCs). The card they are offering you is a good card. It is just my opinion but I would go with the replacement.
    Dell seems to take good care of their customers and in a timely fasion.
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