TNT2 Ultra --- Tweaks and Coolers
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Thread: TNT2 Ultra --- Tweaks and Coolers

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    TNT2 Ultra --- Tweaks and Coolers

    I have Leadtek's TNT2 Ultra 32MB AGP. Ran 3D benchmarks and got some results that stunned me. Bitmap test was low down to nothing, I couldn't find any sourses to get more info on how to interpret the results, so not quite sure what is going on. While playin UT I have distorted fields on the textures, yet my skins and textures set to mediun quality at 32bit, not very happy about it. If anybody can recommend any sourse to learn how to tweak the settings on the card to get the max out of it, and possible reccomendations on the coolers I would greatly appreciate it.

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    TNT2 graphic cards are designed to run best @800x600 with 16 bit colour, and they run great @ that res if you are lucky one and you don`t encounter problems during installation.

    If you whant better then that buy GTS, cous all the tweaks in the world, and coolers while not help you to run UT @ high quality in 32 bit.

    I have TNT2 and I must say it runs UT O.K. actualy much faster then I expected (50FPS avrage) but I play in 800x600 16bit colour, with high detail setings and 3D sound.

    I hav ASUS TNT2 and I must say I have noticed bug in my drivers, so make sure run test imediatly after driver instalation and then mak all the graphic card adjustmens, and then run the tests again, if everything is the same, O.K. if not you have problems with drivers.

    Also under W98 or W98SE (same thing) don`t use detonator 6.18 they are very slow, but under W2K they are very fast for TNT2 based graphic cards.

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    I have a Creative TNT2 Ultra and run almost all of my games at 800x600x32bit. There seems to be just enough bandwidth and fillrate to get a decent 50+ fps framerate. At 1024x768 (regardless of color depth), you start running out of fill rate anyway. Q3, for example, runs faster in 800x600x32bit than 1024x768x16bit with all other settings the same.

    It's been awhile since I've played UT, buy I think you should be able to run UT at 800x600x32bit with around 45-50 fps with a decent CPU. 16bit won't really increase that number without a ridiculously fast CPU. At the same time, 32bit doesn't look a heck of a lot different that 16bit.
    UT is a really quirky game when it comes to benchmarks. Non-Voodoo cards don't scale as expected. Actually, even Voodoo cards really don't. I suggest just playing with your settings until you get to where you want. Start from 800x600x16bit, then try 32bit or 1024x768 and see if it is significantly slower.

    I think there is little improvement in any drivers past 3.xx for TNT cards. Right now I'm running Creative official 3.64 (or something like that). The only reason is because I like the control applet the best.

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