i am confused!!
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Thread: i am confused!!

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    i am confused!!

    ok, with my diamond stealth3 S540 i had to play halflife at 640x480 or lower, 640x484 was really choppy, so one day when i had nothin to do i set halflife at 800x600 AND MY FPS WAS MUCH BETTER!!!!!! now i dont understand that at all, and i was wondering if someone knows why?

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    I'm guessing it has something to do with S3's mystery drivers. Ya never know what's gonna happen with em..Q3 is Super fast..Q2 goes slower??? WTF!! Just my imagination?

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    Most all 3D card drivers are optimised for 800x600

    Thats all there is to it.... optimising makes a hell of a difference....
    this is also shown with AMD optimised versions of games

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