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Thread: Your Vote On This One...????????

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    Your Vote On This One...????????

    My system is based off the Athlon 800, MSI K7 Pro, 96M PC-100 SDram.

    I am getting what I think is a good offer for the following card (includes some spec):
    Super-Tek ST-VM64-M32

    RIVA TNT2 M64 3D Accelerator,
    300MHz RAMDAC,
    Support 4X/2X Compliant,
    Support OpenGL, D3D,
    DirectX for Windows2000/98/95/NT
    32MB High Speed Memory
    Maximum Supporting Resolution 2048x1536 @ 60H
    256-bit 3D Processor Rendering Engine
    Built-in Cooling Fan and Heat-Sink

    Is this feasible for a graphics card running the Athlon800?

    I also understand there is a Detonator Driver update that is suppose to increase the video card performance. Take a look at the new release here:

    This is the page for the driver update:

    I noticed the news release has the TNT2 M64 as one of the cards that can use this driver update. So I figure I can use this card temporarily until I can proceed with a more suitable one.

    This card is new so what is a fair price to pay versus too much?

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    Depends. What's the offer and for what will you use it? I'm going to guess games since you had mentioned the increase in vid performance in which case I would pass on the M64. A standard TNT2 or V3 would be better for that generation.

    From what I've read, TNTs do not get a performance increase with the new detonators but quite the opposite.

    Of course money and availability are other things to consider but I'll leave those to you.

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    TNT2 M64 in Q3 @ 800x600 High Quality makes score oround 35FPS on Athlon 700.

    TNT2 Pro on the same machine, in the same game, and with same detail makes 60FPS

    Both cards with 32Mb.

    In other words TNT2M64 sucks for games, but if you are not planing to play games then grab the card, is great for everything but games.

    Detonators are not fast not even stabile, i`s best to go with manufacturer drivers, cous they give better overall performances, ofcorese if is ASUS or some other BRAND name, but if is MANLI or something like that then go with detonators.

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    Coupling a Vanta/M64 to your CPU would be equivalent to putting a lawnmower engine in a Ferrari. IT *might* be sufficient if you only buy games that were made prior to this year. has OEM TNT2 Pro's for $84 + $10 Fed Ex. I'd consider this to be a bare minimum if I had a fast CPU like yours, or even a slower one like mine. I never had any problems with the Detonator drivers when I had a TNT.

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