How are Det 6.18s with TNT2U?
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Thread: How are Det 6.18s with TNT2U?

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    How are Det 6.18s with TNT2U?

    see title!

    Apex MidTower w/250W P/S, Tyan Trinity 400, Rev. 4, BIOS 1.07, FC-PGA 500E @ 700(5 X 140 @ 1.7V),MS 6905 Rev. 2 Master Slocket, Global Win FKP-32, Micron 128MB PC100 Cas2 SDRAM, Xentor32 TNT2U @169/185,
    15.3GB DiamondMax Plus 40, ATA66, 7200rpm HDD, SBLive! Value, FPS-1000, 56K/V90 USR Winmodem, KDS AV-7T 17", Windows '98FE

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    Anandtech did some Q3 testing with the new Detonator 3 drivers on a TNT2 Ultra. Slight drop in performance across the board.

    But boy, they sure make the SDR and MX look more attractive... Boosts 1024x768x32bit to almost 60fps.

    BP6, Celermine [email protected], 320meg, CL TNT2U 175/220
    BP6, [email protected] (for now), 320mb, eVGA MX Plus (dual CRT), waiting for VIVO module

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