Monitors power systems gone bad
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Thread: Monitors power systems gone bad

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    Monitors power systems gone bad

    I have had two monitors go bad within the last month. The first refuses to power up at all, it was 9 months old when this occurred. I bought a replacement and after one month of use it starts to come on, but then powers down immediately. It seems like far too great a coincidence, so my question is what could be causing this and what can I do to keep it from happening again? Better surge protector? HELP!


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    This may be way off but, is the power supply on your tower set to 115v as opposed to 230v?

    Also, try the monitor with a video card you know is GOOD.
    If you paid 9.95 for your surge protector you did not pay enough (try a new one just for fun- spend $30).

    Additional: there does exist something called "dirty power" that can ruin electronics but not sure of how to detect it....
    Hope this helped some......
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    "...we look for things to make us go..."

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