Having problems with Diablo2 freezing on my
Athlon 700, on a MSI K7Pro mobo. with CL TNT2 (non ultra), (128 mb ram), CL Live 1024.
The game seems to maily freeze in multiplayer... and while the charecter is running or walking... and there is no pattern in how often it does it... sometimes after 3 min, sometimes after 1 hour or so.
I can't figure out which drivers i need to use too... Creative don't make it very clear what i need, and how to install it.
I tried Detonator 2 drivers, but they seem to take over all the creative apps, and change the card to just TNT 2 (instead of 3D Blaster TNT2)
Also, there doesn't seem to be any updates for AGP driver on mobo site.
I tried reducing AGP to 1x.. no diference.
Another bad thing is.. the game doesn't look like it's running in D3D!!! even thought it's detected and selected in Vid Test.
What can i do!? Plz help!