I just purchased all new parts for my computer.

Abit KA7-100 motherboard
Athlon 750 processor
128 MB RAM (133 MHz)
SB-Live Value
Guillemot GeForce 256 DDR
20.5 GB Western Digital Hard Drive
3Com Ethernet Card
I also have a Creative DXr3 decoder for my DVD

I finished installing everything and thought that I worked out all of the kinks. Then I tried playing Unreal Tournament, which should run very smoothly on this system I thought, but when I played single player it was like I had lag. Every 30 seconds or so the screen would pause, and then go back to normal (sort of like lag in internet play). If it was my old system I would think nothing of it, but I thought that it would run like silk on this one. Can anyone help out? I'd much appreciate it.

Thank you,