Has anybody noticed when running Smart Doctor and they set it at "run and keep resident" (every five seconds)that sometimes no matter what program you're using the monitor will seem to flash real quick, not blank out but seem like it's jumping to another program you might have open for a millisecond? I noticed this and thought it was my card and that the horror stories were coming true but i set it back to "run once and terminate" the default setting and all is well again, i was crapping my pants. I even took the card back out at one point and reseated it in the AGP slot because i thought it loose or something but it was indeed Smart Doctor. Whew, i was scared boys and gals. If anybody has this problem set Smart Doctor to run once and terminate and it will rid your system of this problem. By the way it will still monitor your system and do it's thing even on that setting i noticed. I'll be a Nvidia expert in another week, lol. Al