Performance problem with V5500 SLI ?
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Thread: Performance problem with V5500 SLI ?

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    Performance problem with V5500 SLI ?

    Check out this link. It appears that the v5500 is slowing down when both chips are used on some games. Has anyone here noticed this phenomenon ?

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    There is a definate problem Gomez, though rare. Some games just fly with 2x FSAA even at 1024 x 768. Others (my example is Revolt) run smooth then all of a sudden start dropping frames and surging badly. Revolt does this even at 800 x 600 unless one chip is disabled.

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    I can't think of any game where I've actually experienced the V5 being FASTER in single chip.

    On the other hand, in situations where the CPU is the bottleneck by a very wide margin, it is very possible and normal to get THE SAME performance. (Which is what most people in that thread seem to be complaining about.)

    I mean, think about it. Let's say you've got a low end CPU, and run a game with relatively low resolution and fill rate requirements, but with many polygons and mondo physics math. Many flight sims would fit this bill quite nicely. (And Q3 fastest isn't far from this, either, without hardware transform.)

    Now let's say your graphics card could fill polygons for 50 fps in single-chip, 100 fps in SLI. But the CPU, as I've said, is low end, and can only compute everything for 40 fps. In this situation, you'll get those 40 fps, no matter what.

    The good part, however, is that it works like any other CPU limit. I.e., you can raise the resolution some more, or turn on 4xFSAA.

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    Moraelin -- the proud member of the Idiots' Guild

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