3D Game Install Problem
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Thread: 3D Game Install Problem

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    3D Game Install Problem

    I installed both Tachyon and Falcon4.0 on my machine and in both cases, when I try to run them, I get an 'illegal operation' error and the program crashes. I have installed DirectX 7.0a and gotten the most recent patch for Tachyon from the Novalogic site. Unreal seems to play just fine. The same problem also occurs with an older video card ( Intel i740? ).

    My system configuration is...
    P2 450MHz
    192MB 100MHz SDRAM
    Voodoo3 3000 AGP

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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    Same problem that I've been through.
    Mostly, I just try to clean the unused registry by manually or using "Regclean.exe" You can download it from microsoft site.

    After that, most of the problems have solved.

    BTW, sometime the "Illegal..." warning stuff show up when your RAM have something wrong. I , myself already have change my RAMs for many times (2 times) because the "Illegal..." warning things.

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