geforce on celeron 450
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Thread: geforce on celeron 450

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    geforce on celeron 450

    what can a geforce1 with ddr ram can do on a celery 450. current video card is a tnt2 ultra. is there much of performance increase or should i buy a better cpu

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    May 2000
    My bro (Daveg) has this exact setup and its crap

    OK enough of that.
    As far as I can tell most things run quite well on his machine as the geforce seems to do quite a bit of the work.
    Granted its no powerhouse but hey the only thing that makes it look bad, compared to other systems, is the 3dmark score.
    But other than that its fine.
    My brother is on the edge of deciding whether to go for one of these new AMD chips: Durex or Thunderturd.

    Dave runs with det5.22 which has s3tc
    3dMark 3330 approx
    Q3 HQtest 800x600 65.0fps
    Q3 HQtest 1024x768 56.6fps
    Q3 HQtest 1280x1024 35.8fps

    P3600e@800 with Alpha PEP66
    BF6 Mobo
    Vortex2 sound
    Iiyama VisionMaster Pro450
    Soltek DRV5
    Corsair PC2700 cas2
    GF4 Ti4400
    Santa Cruz
    Barracuda IV
    Iiyama Pro450

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    when i used to run my celeron 433 @ 433 with my geforce (only SDR ) my frame rates were generally the same as from when i had a TNT2U
    but when i clocked it to 542 my frame rates went about from around 50 to around 65!!.

    so try overclocking the CPU, it could make quite a bit of difference.
    Intel P4 2.26GH/z @ 2.26GH/z
    Epox 4G4A+
    512mb Corsair PC-2700 DDR XMS RAM

    Running Win2K Professional (SP3)

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    A celeron and a geforce are not a good combination !

    Reason is that the geforce is cache-happy , so the 128kb of the celeron won't be anough.

    My opinion is that you need at least a PII to support a geforce !
    Ireland live on !

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