Win2k+geforceDDR=HELP ME!
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Thread: Win2k+geforceDDR=HELP ME!

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    Win2k+geforceDDR=HELP ME!

    I have an athlon600mhz with asus k7m and creative labs annihilator pro DDR and win2k. It freezes up in all Half-life in Opengl but is fine in Direct3d...But Direct3D sucks ***...Ok, i'm gonna test unreal tournament in opengl soon but someone please help, I'm about to buy a geforce 2 from hercules and am hoping this **** doesn't happen too! help, thanks

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    Go get the latest drivers from
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    Make sure superbypass is disabled and double check that you have your AGP set to 1X. The latest drivers should set the AGP but superbypass needs to be disabled in the BIOS, which I would recommend flashing your K7M to the latest or most popular BIOS. Check some Asus newsgroups for what everyone is using.

    Also UT in OpenGL just plain sucks. When you can get it to work it's slower than D3D and has more disk thrashing. I tried a 3D ProphetII and it was more stable than my GeForce SDR, less power required and less heat produced. Your results may vary due to differences in individual systems. Double check your PSU and that it is an Athlon approved PSU rated at lease 250W. I really recommend 300W or better for a GeForce and Athlon combination. Also good quality RAM like Crucial (Micron) rated at CAS2 comes highly recommended also. If you follow each of these things you shouldn't have anymore problems, good luck!

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