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    gaming monitors

    I am looking to buy either an expensive 17 ' monitor or a cheaper 19 "- was considering sony e200 but all reviews say its crap - any suggestions please - I am in Australia sand will be running a hot video card.

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    If as It sounds to me this will be a long term purchase then try to get one with the best image quality you can. This of course is very subjective but generally "Tron" (aperture grill) screens a brighter and have better colours but on the downside have thin wires that can be seen on light backgrounds that are required to stabilise the grill.

    You should be able to find a 19" with good image quality at a reasonable price try ADI.

    If you want a flat screen they tend to cost more and can be subject to geometry problems. If there is any way you can try before you buy, Get it from somewhere that you can send it back (30 day returns).

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    I just upgraded my Sony Trinitron monitor. It was a good monitor, great picture and all, but only a 15inch monitor. Just too darn small for me these days.

    After looking around for a while I just said the heck with it and settled on a NEC Accusync 19inch monitor. With shipping it cost me just over 300 bucks. I'm running 1280x1024 at 85 Hz and the dot pitch is .26 I think...

    Anyway, I'd definitely reccomend it as a cost effective solution. Check it out at NEC's website. Other 19inch monitors I looked at trying to stay under 400 bucks were, Viewsonic, Optiquest, Cybervision, KDS, and HP(one of their better series).

    My only complaint with Sony's smaller monitors(15 and 17 inch) is that if you run over 1024x768 you run at 60 Hz refresh which just blows!

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    sony g200 is proberbly the it is gr8 ive got one myself and the picture is th best ive seen
    allways happy to help

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    Well, i dont know about the E200, (i have read about it and sound great...)
    I own a Sony E400 19" Wega Flat Screen and looks great, really really great....
    I recommend it,

    good luck...
    visit my site (in spanish)
    Carlos A. Elenes G.

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