109mhz agp bus for tnt2?
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Thread: 109mhz agp bus for tnt2?

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    109mhz agp bus for tnt2?

    i have a nvidia riva tnt2 32mb video card and an abit be6II mobo, and i tested the agp bus up to 101mhz by setting agp to 1/1 in the bios and upping the fsb 1 mhz. It ran fine in Quake3 with 2x, sidebanding, and 8mb aperature, but i didnt want to try any higher than that because i dont know if it will hurt the card. If anyone has any information i would appreciate it. thanx

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    TNT's don't usually like it above 89mhz so you are either lucky or it is defaulting to 2/3 AGP automatically.

    Try something like Sandra to see what it is reporting the AGP bus to be

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    yeah. Do like Blade say. BIOS lies sometimes. Reconfirm your AGP bus.

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