S540 16mb vs TNT --which is better for games?
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Thread: S540 16mb vs TNT --which is better for games?

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    S540 16mb vs TNT --which is better for games?

    I currently have two video cards. A diamond StealthIII S540 (16mb) and a STB Velocity 4400 (TNT 16mb). I am putting them in a system where I will probably use to primarily play games with (QuakeIII, etc). I'm worried about speed and image quality and not so much true detail.

    System consists of:
    Celeron 366 @ 550
    128mb ram
    BX board

    So, what suggestions do you have? The S540 is newer, but is it better than the Riva TNT for games?

    And another video card is not an option. This is a second system only and hence I don't want to spend money on it.

    Both cards are AGP.

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    The TNT will be faster, due to it's 128-bit memory bus. You will also find the drivers for the TNT are much better.

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