Hi, I got
TNT2 Vanta 16mb card and I am running Windows 2000.

System frezes up when I am trying to play Direct 3D games like Swat3, sometimes it crashes in opengl too like in quake3 demo or in bech marking software.

I've instaled drivers from my manufacture www.evga.com , then I tryed using Nvidia drivers Detonator 2 whitch I am using now, it didnot help.
I was willing to go back to win98 asuming it will fix the problems but Setup on my upgrade cd didnt even start cuse I am using win2k.

Any sugestions ?

I am on athlon 550 w/ 128mb ram on Fic SD11 motherboard, using ess solo sound card

Please help me, I think card is grate but with what its doing now it will damage my system.

PS: Quake2 dosent start in opengl I get error :
GLimp_EndFrame() - SwapBuffer() failed!