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Thread: WinME & V3

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    WinME & V3


    i dont know if its just me...but im getting a decrease in performance with this v3 2000 and win me. in win98 i was averaging about 35-50 fps in games (glide), now that ive installed win me, im getting about 20-30 with choppiness.

    i downloaded and installed at least 3 different drivers from 3dfx...anybody know where the problem is?
    system is:
    celeron 533@600
    160mb ram
    v3 2000

    AMD TBird 1.33GHz
    Asus A7A266 Mobo
    256MB Micron PC2100
    Fujitsu 18GB (10000RPM)
    Maxtor 36GB (5400RPM)
    ATI Radeon 32MB DDR
    Sound Blaster Live MP3+
    LG 12x8x32 Burner
    Adaptec 2940U2W SCSI Card

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    perhaps it is because you do not have official windows me drivers and the normal windows 98 drivers are not made to work specifically with Windows ME. This is also assuming that you have obtained a Full Version of it and not some Beta Version downloaded online.

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