Please Help. Video card question.
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Thread: Please Help. Video card question.

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    Please Help. Video card question.

    I have a viper II, and i'm reading the box and it says that the card has "TV-Output (S-Video & Composite)." I would like to watch my DVD movies and play my games on my tv, but what kind of cable/wire do i need in order to do this? also where can i find this stuff? and finally do you guys know how much would this cost me? Thanks for your help guys.
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    Well you are suppose to get a small cable with the card. From there you plug a normal RC calbe into that that goes to your tv. The RC cable can be found at any hifi/tv store.
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    A composit video cable is also called an RCA jack. It's the standard connector on the back of steroes and VCRs. It's big, round, and has a knobby plug that goes into the center of a big hole, with a little thin cylindar of metal around it.

    You've seen it a dozen times and will know it the second you see it. You can buy these at Wal-Mart, K-Mart, or any place that sells VCRs.

    S-Video is a different cable. It looks a lot like a PS2 mouse or keyboard cable. It has four (sometimes five) pins and a little plastic bar to make sure you can only plug it in one way.

    Keep in mind, however, that these are both for VIDEO only! You will still need something to take the sound of of your computer and put it into the TV )or watever. This is assuming that your TV has separate RCA jacks for audio and video.

    To get sound from your computer to your TV, you will probably need to run a cable from the speaker output on your sound card to the audio-in RCA jack on your TV. For this, you will probably need a MINI-JACK TO RCA converter. I bought one at Target that has an RCA jack on one end, and a mini-jack on the other. It was about 3-feet long and cost under $10.

    Good luck!

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