no mode above 1280X1024
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Thread: no mode above 1280X1024

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    no mode above 1280X1024

    I have a 19inch proview monitor and can't seem to get screen modes above 1280X1024 in windows the slider only goes that far. I have tried the standard 1600X1200 monitor driver and the one from the proview website. The really strange thing is that I can choose screen modes uptp 1600X1200 in games (Quake, Unreal, ect).
    PS it's a Xentor32 TNT2 ultra graphics card with the latest drivers V5.30
    Abit NF7-SV2.0
    3 X256 TwinMOS DDRPC3200
    Radeon 9800Pro
    Iiyame MST 1451 (19 inch)monitor
    -1X Dimond Max Plus 9 160Gig SATA
    -1x Dimond Max Plus 9 80gig
    -Liteon LTR52246s
    -Benq DW1640
    -ADSL2048 (Nildram

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    Melbourne, Australia
    I got Powestrip and mucked about with the
    settings in monitor config. and got more
    settings than I can handle.
    However I cannot remember what I did exactly.

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    Also try this:- HZ Tools as it's less bloated than Powerstrip and you don't need it running in the background

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