Why should I over clock my vi. card?
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Thread: Why should I over clock my vi. card?

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    Why should I over clock my vi. card?

    I would like to know if this would help my games run faster(FPS).When I play MotorCross Madness 2 I get 40 fps at 600*800*16.Would this help me get higher fps??
    I have a
    Pen.3 450 mhz
    10 Gb
    Geforce sdr 3d prophet
    Also can someone tell me how to over clock my computer to around 500mhz??
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    OCing your vid card should get u an some extra frames! but i think there's something wrong with your system 40 fps with geforce is a really bad score at these resolutions.

    for ocing that p3 goto the overclocking section you'll find an answer in there

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    o/c'ing a geforce generally gives a boost at high resolutions (1024X768+) but not much more.
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