Wondering if this is going to work?
I have a Creative Labs GeForce2 video card on the way and am wondering how it will work with my current setup.

Right now I have:
Abit BH6 w/Cel 300A@450-MHz
192 MB 100-MHz RAM
Matrox G200 and Voodoo 2 video cards
SoundBlaster Live-value
3Com Fast-Ethernet NIC (3C905B)
US-Robotics internal ISA 56k Win-modem
Fire-Wire (1394) PCI card
Adaptec 2940 SCSI controller
SCSI CR-ROM(Toshiba 32X) and CD-Burner (8x)
4 WD HD's (4,8,8,10 GB)

I would like to get a few more months out of this MB/CPU setup if t will work ok. Any ideas?
Samari (Sam-R-I) aka (I am Sam) not Samurai