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    Geforce 2 GTS

    Ok... I have a 700mhz athlon. Will the Geforce 2 GTS (?) Be a big step up from what I have? Will it make games MUCH faster? Here is what I have right now:

    Athlon 700
    Abit KA7 mobo
    128mb pc-133
    TNT2 Ultra

    I am really thinking about getting one but don't know if it would make much of a difference.

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    ...OH Cobra, you have GOT to go pick one up and stick it in your rig, you'll LOVE it. I am Running an Athlon 600 on an MSI 6167 Mobo and 192 megs of ram. 2 days ago I went out and bought the CL Annihilator2, tore out my TNT2 Ultra, and stuck the GTS in. This thing runs games amazingly. My score in 3d Mark2000 went from 2667 with the TNT2 Ultra, to around 4872 give or take 10 points depending on free memory and such. I downloaded a game test called "Serious Sam", off of some webpage (forgot which one), but this game uses all of the latest tecnology, and the GTS pushes them all well. The Bump-Mapping looks awesome too. Oh, and the CL 3d interface gives you the option of using AGP 1x,2x, or 4x and you can enable sidebands and fastwrites (if mobo supports it). Go for this card man, gave an excellent review of the Annihilator Pro, and it was the only card so far that he has actually seen puch 2 gigatexels, so I went with this one. Also, it is the least expensive of the GTS flavors.
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    SVTCobra is it a 5.0 or new 4.6 litter??
    MUSTANGS ROCK i am geting me a GT
    Alex D

    WTF?? I am just trying to help OK!
    check it out!

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    SVT Cobra? SlowVehicleThrust? 5.0 or 4.8=trash!
    My 96 Impala SS will beat the $hit out of any
    Rustang - including the Cobra. Now the Cobra-R may get me, but for the $$$ I will stick with the SS. Ford really needs to learn how to build fast cars.
    Chevy woops all over them, both the 94-96 Impala's and the Z28's. I like to find Rustangs to beat. The look in there face when a four door beast puts them back is price-less!
    Oh, and my GeForce 2 is in the mail - I hope!


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    Ehh... The Impala SS's are nice cars and all, but a 500-800 pound lighter 320 hp 99 or 2000 SVT Cobra could easily walk all over an Impala. Especially in anything BUT a straight line. The Impala would need over 350 hp to compete in straight lines and it will never compete with the handling due to its astronomical weight.

    The 4.6L GT's with only 260 hp suck, bad. The very newest SVT Cobras with over 300 hp do not. They probably still don't quite take the Camaro SS and Firebird WS6, but they'll rip an Impala a new *******.

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