Bad video performance
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Thread: Bad video performance

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    Bad video performance

    Hello. I've been using a Matrox MGA Millenium video card w/ a K-6 233mhz and 32megs of RAM. I've been getting fairly slow performance in 3-D games. Frame rates on high resolutions (like 800x600 or something like that) for games are not tolerable enough to play on. Could that be because of the video card? Or is that just because I've got a crappy 233mhz processor w/ 32 megs of RAM?

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    Well... I'm wondering why you even bothered to ask.

    Matrox Millenium has so few 3D functions that it isn't considered to be a 3D card.

    Your CPU isn't exactly fast. The K-6 had a very bad FPU.
    Your RAM is also a bit low.

    Get a new computer.

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