I need some help with choosing DVD configurations!
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Thread: I need some help with choosing DVD configurations!

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    I need some help with choosing DVD configurations!

    OK, I really want to play my DVDs on my Sony TV...I have no intention of watching them on my pc monitor or buying an expensive DVD player. So, after researching a great deal, I have found that purchasing a DVD decoder card like the Real Magic Hollywood Plus and buying a separate graphics card is the best way to go so that the computer is not strained while I play the DVDs, suposedly it takes the strain off the processor. I have read that the picture is better on the TV with a decoder card than it is thru a graphics card with TV out put. I will have a P3 at 700mhz and will get either a Geforce or Voodoo card at 32mb. Will the graphics card help the picture on the tv if I have a separate decoder card? Now is what I understand correct. Any one who has set up their computer and TV like this let me know... I am open to any suggestions or recomendations.

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    just so you no the voodoo3 doesn't have a 32mb version if my memory is right. and the geforce does have really good dvd playback on it. look at the asus V6800 delux it has tv-out and all that stuff and its a ddr geforce and if you want an sdr look at the V6600 delux its the same card as the V6800 delux but with sdr instead of ddr
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    If you're really looking for the best dvd solution, you should get a dedicated decoder card for dvd. I have a Hollywood Plus, it has svideo, and composite outs ran to my tv
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