After various efforts to add a second power supply, which worked and I'm thankful for all the help, I had a few problems that appeard after the 3rd boot up. Several kind souls helped me out with different things, but I still can't get the video card to work. I have swapped out the M/B and added a new set of 2x256MB SDRAM 133Mhz RAM. I have now been able to do a boot up with a floppy that works because it goes thuogh all the right "noises" and I can check the Keyboard works and it responds. The probnlems is the Video card and I really don't want to shell out on a new one if avoided.

I am running just a ABIT KA7 - UDMA100 M/B
512MB Ram P133
ASUS G256 32MB DDR PURE......

Please someone help!!!!! I am going mad!!!!!

(I've tried different screens and everything except the Card)