Help me under stand BIOS and jumper settings
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Thread: Help me under stand BIOS and jumper settings

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    Help me under stand BIOS and jumper settings

    I did not build my computer so it did not come with a detailed description of what the jumpers on my motherboard do. Unfortunately the onboard chipset is not listed on this list because my stupid user friendly computer did not list things that were required like the processor or the video. I have an understanding of what I might be able to do in order to disable the physical hardware of my onboard video but it is the jumper for the device is not listed.

    As for the BIOS well I go into the most likely place for it to be, onboard peripherals, right thats where it would be there is one thing enabled and one thing disabled, I don't have any idea what these dvices could be and i dont want to take a risk in screwing up my BIOS because of all the other things I tried ended up in me having to format my drive 3 times. So right now I have an ATI 3D Rage II+ 2meg POS working and my Maxi Gamer Cougar just sitting in its box on a shelf if i can't get it to work soon i will have to buy a new motherboard and scince i am 16 and jobless that would make me cry

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    More info needed. post the chipsets and the manufacture of your Motherboard, model of your board would be nice also. Or email me if you want, I will try to help.

    You also may find this website helpful:

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