Hi everyone, lately I have some problems with my vido card drivers. My system
P3 450
95mg ram
Elsa Erozor III (tnt2 based)
ANyway, I do not use the Elsa drivers, because in my opinion the nVida drivers are faster and overall better. It works fine with 3.84 and below, but anything above make my computer freeze up when going in Direct3D more. The openGL also works EXREMELY slow with anyting above 3.84. When I try to run the direct X diagnosis tool, it goes through software rendering test, than starts the direct3d test, and freezes up on a blank screen. Like I said it work fine with 3.84 Nvidia drivers, but frezes up in D3D or goes extremely slow in Opengl with 3.90 and above.

Thanks, I would really apreciate any help, because I heard that the 5.22 (detonator 2) drivers give a really good performane boost.
Thanks agian for any help, and plese reply soon.!

BTW: I am sorry for any typos, but I have a cast on my left hand, and too laxy to go over the whole thing.