ok I have a Celeron 300a@464 on a Abit BH6 Rev 1.01, 192 Pc100, Matrox
G400 32 SH, SBlive Value, Supra Express 56i ISA, all running on Win2k
pro with other odds and ends

and when i install the g400 drivers the card starts in agp2x mode but
if I run any games or benchmarks for any amount of time, i get a
lockup and distorted screen. Agp1x does not do this. Is this a win2k
problem? Someone told me that since all 3 of my 64 meg dimms are by
different manufactures that taht may be the problem. Any ideas? Also
im running in standard pc mode and have no IRQ conflicts and the G400
is on IRQ 9