Ok. Now what's your config ? K7M mobo + Athlon 550 + Asus GeForce V6600 ?
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Thread: Ok. Now what's your config ? K7M mobo + Athlon 550 + Asus GeForce V6600 ?

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    Ok. Now what's your config ? K7M mobo + Athlon 550 + Asus GeForce V6600 ?

    Ok, now I've been fooling around with this puppy of mine that i like to call my little personnal warmachine (6 months ago it was... :P)
    But i can't get the whole thing stable. And trust me I tried everything. So now I guess I'm not the only one who have this config :

    -Athlon 550
    -K7M mobo
    -128 Mb Ram
    -Quantum Fireball 20Gig
    -Asus GeForce V6600
    -PCI Network card (for the cable modem)
    -Sound blaster creative awe 32 ISA (Used to have a vortex 2 but was more than instable...)
    -Graphics aperture size : 256 MB
    -Agp : 1X
    -Sideband : OFF
    -VIATECH DRIVER : DMa enabled, agp normal / turbo mode (still lockups).

    My question is :
    How did you setup this thingie so it £¢@£ stops locking up and make me cryin' ?

    I'm pi¢¤@£¢ off right now so any help would ba appreciate !

    P.S. NO, GeForceFAQ couldn't help.



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    Try the 5.22 drivers they got AGP2X stable for me, lower performance on the average but stable. I'm now back using the 5.13 drivers and can switch out the Nvopengl.dll from the 5.22 drivers and get AGP2X stable, better performance. Lost sidebanding however, same lock-ups as using the 5.13 Nvopengl.

    Okay make sure super bypass is disabled, doesn't work for 3D (IPF in Nvopengl error).

    Use the 4.61 miniport drivers from AMD, may help not sure. Make sure the ram is CAS2 and run at CAS2 in the BIOS, Micron here.

    250 to 350 watt powersupply seems to be needed, 250 is too low for some of these systems.

    Make sure you have very good cooling to the vid card, a PCI slot cooler would help. Also if you feel up to it a Pentium HSF works great. You'll lose a PCI slot but it's really worth it. You'll lose two slots with both but consider it.

    Wait a minute Via drivers, don't install the 4 in 1 drivers with a K7M. All you need are the IDE drivers for the Via south bridge, this may be your problem. The K7M uses the AMD751 north bridge. If you have a K7V there's another set of things to try.

    Lastly and maybe it should be first, try another vid card. Would test the rest of your system. Even try another GeForce, I suspect the early yields were terrible, given all the problems popping up. I did a GeForce2 and it seemed stable enough, not mindblowing enough for $350US however. Hope this helps.

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    Your Grafics Apperture Size should be 1/2 of your main memory, not twice as your main memory... fix that, it might help...

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    Ok some precision :

    -I got a 300W PSu
    -Super bypass is disabled
    -I'm using NVidia 5.22 drivers
    -I just set aperture size to 64 mb...
    -I installed the miniport461.exe
    and uninstalled via 4-1 except ide drivers...

    Still locking up... What the hell is going on ?

    Thanx dude


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