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Thread: Geforce3!!!

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    I'm going in for a Geforce 256 DDR

    All I need now is to choose a manufacture..

    Creative or Asus???? any sugestions

    Oh... I'm not after advice for other buying other cards....


    (and yes.... you can very much tell the difference between 16bit and 32 bit colour)

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    I've had both. Or to be more accurate a Creative Geforce 1, and an Asus GTS. It is not however fair to compare these two but I would try to get a GTS if you can it's not much faster but is much better with the .18 micron GPU. I'm much happier with the Geforce 2.

    If you go for a Geforce 1 I would also recommend the Asus card as the "smart Doctor" util is an excellent feature, that's even more useful on the .22 micron GPU card.

    If you want to read the manual for the GTS Asus you can get it here in zip format and you'll need Adobe Acrobat to use it.

    Asus V7700 GTS Manual

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    Creative= good solid card, decent speed, good driver support, but no extra features (tv-outs and ins etc.) and rubbishy software bundles. Low-Medium Pricing.

    Asus= great card, amazing speed, pretty good driver support, loadsa features (not on the "pure" models though), good software, but high-very high pricing.

    If you can afford it and want the very best card you can get your hands on, go with the asus, if you want just amazing performance at a decent price, go with creative.

    Check out the creative Geforce 2 review at it also gives you some info on what other manufactureres are aiming for in their products.

    (btw im going for the creative one, simply cos its cheap and i have loads of creative stuff in my system and it all works perfectly!! )

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    Planet Phatt "The Swing System"

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