GeGorce & Need For Speed High Stakes
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Thread: GeGorce & Need For Speed High Stakes

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    GeGorce & Need For Speed High Stakes

    NFSHS is a very nive game.
    I have a GeForce video card, with the latest drivers & directX installed on my Win98.

    It happens that the game does not reognize at all the GeForce. NFS sees it only as Primary Direct 3D device... and not as Geforce.
    The games runs but goes VERY choppy at a resolution of 800*600 at 16bit.

    Does any one knows why I am not able to use all the power of GeForce to make run all the Need For Speed HS graphics?

    Thanks a lot in advance.

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    But your GeForce is your primary 3d device...

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    yup hes right your geforce is your primary d3d device....... uh, do you have the 5.22 drivers? that may be your problem

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