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Thread: How is this 3d card... ?

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    You all forgot something: it is supposed to be a budget pc/graphic card, so it is supposed to be as cheap as possible.
    Im now wondering of buying a TNT2 M64, which is pretty OK for my budget.

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    hey i picked up a tnt2 m64 for $50.... IT flies on games, but only if you are using low resolutions.... just play games at 640x480 or 800x600 (16bpp) and youll have the performance of a tnt2 ultra card....

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    Actually, TNT 2 M64 is hardly anything faster then TNT1 (for what I heard)... You can find a Viper II for almost 100 dollars and it's great. When it's overclocked it can score 3750 at 3DMark 2000 1024x768, Pentium III 650, 120Mhz FSB.

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    For an AMD K6-2, I would take a Voodoo 3 2000.
    Cheap, silk smooth installation, 3DNow optimised drivers, low CPU dependence, decent performance in games.
    It is what I have now. And I think it's great.
    Take cheap now, you'll be able to save money for a bigger config later on. Anyway, even if Duron and TBirds are considered cheap, I don't think they'll come to the K6-2 price level before a while.
    Even the original Athlon.
    And whether you take a K6 or an Athlon, you will most probably have to change the mobo anyway, so...
    Maybe the celly would have been better for upgrade.
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