I've finally ordered my chip and mobo....an Amd k62-500 for $40 and a epox mvp3G2 for $77 excl. shipping. So now all there is to do is to choose the right video card

The question is should I get a separate video and decoder card for watching dvd's or should I buy a card like the Ati All in wonder - is there a similar card for under $100. Also what's the best sub $100 ati card with all the functionality of a decoder card. I checked out the available ati cards and there are a mil. diff models...expert, expert @ play, rage, all in wonder...and so on. Which is the nest in my price range. I'll probably be watching dvd's mainly on my monitor..at work, naturally but also want the ability to hook it up to the tv. Also do these cards have an audio out?
I'll be making the purchase Monday so hurry.

Subnote: I've just built my friend a k62 500 sytem on a Dfi 2mb cache board with and Io/magic tnt card...we installed it with no problems but then we loaded Startrek Armada(not my choice) and it froze everytime he started playing???

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